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Temple of Apollo Epicurius

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Our second full day at Olympia we spent visiting the temple of Apollo Epicurius, about an hour away from Olympia.

This odd little temple is seldom visited but very much worth the trip. It is off the beaten "tourist" path making it less crowded even though it is one of the best preserved temples from the ancient world.

The Phigaleians (that's a mouthful!) built the temple to honor Apollo because they believed he had saved them from a plague. It was built around 420 BC and completely forgotten about for about 1700 years when it was found by travelers in the area in the 18th century.

What is most fascinating about the temple, though, is that it would actually rotate about 1 degree so that the opening of the temple was always in alignment with the North Star. We have rotating bars, the Greeks had rotating temples. Imagine that.