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Day 5 Olympia

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Olympia is the historic site of the first Olympic Games. Starting in 776 BC and continuing well into the 4th century, this site has held the competition of Greek athletes (and later Romans) for over a thousand years. This is the site that the students saw this morning. After breakfast we walked down to the Olympia archeological site to see where the first Olympic games took place. The temples of Zeus and Hera, the training center and the race track are all identifiable, but you need a good imagination and reconstructed pictures to appreciate their true proportions and majesty. Too much time, and too many Byzantine, Turkish, and Roman raids on Greece have taken their toll. Still, walking through this site, one cannot help but feel the history and power of this place. Even before it was the land dedicated to Zeus (according to legend, he was raised there), Archeologists have discovered religious ruins dating back to 2000 BC. As is tradition, we also had our race. After dinner we had our class and learned how to read the Greek alphabet-an important skill for reading inscriptions. !

We also had our tradition race at the very site of Olympic races. This year the winner was Tim in some stiff competition with Toby and Leah.