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Day 4 Epidauros, Mycenae and Corinth

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Day 3 Corinth, Epidaurus, Mycenae

Today was the site visit and travel day towards Olympia. After an early start from Athens, we made our way west to Corinth to see the Isthmus of Corinth and cross over to mainland Greece. After a quick stop at the canal we ventured toward Epidaurus the site of the best preserved Greek amphitheater in Greece.

If you have not been to Epidaurus, you may not believe the acoustic miracle that this theater presents. There are 54 layers of marble seats—all original. If you walk all the way up to the very top and sit down, you can hear a speaker on the stage breathing. Yes, that’s right, you can hear them breathing. The acoustics are amazing and the design is entirely indebted to Pythagoras and his mathematical equations for sound. I wonder if Bose learned anything from him?!?

We spent about an hour at the theater then made our way to Mycenae—the tombs of Agamemnon and the acropolis. Another crazy important historical site. Agamemnon was the king of the Greek armies that fought at Troy, lived around 1200 BC and was murdered with an axe by his wife at Mycenae when he returned (Lizzie Borden style?) These stories, the famed Lion’s gate, the tombs, the Cyclopedian rocks that make up the walls—these were the sights for our students at Mycenae. They were fascinated by it.

In the late afternoon we arrived at Olympia to a fantastic dinner, a quick lecture on Plato, a fantastic Greek style dinner and night life in this small town. Quite a change from Athens. Tomorrow, we are off to the archeological park where the ancients held the first Olympics every four years.